Jio sets a flag in 5G download speed, users are getting 315MBPS speed

Many of you must be using Jio True 5G. By the way, you will know the actual speed of Jio True 5G, but now Open Signal has released a report regarding the speed of Jio True 5G.

According to the report of Open Signal, Jio users are getting a download speed of 315.3 MBPS on Jio True 5G network. Airtel lags far behind as Airtel recorded an average 5G download speed of 261.2 Mbps.

It has been said in the report that while Jio users are spending 32.5 percent of the time on the 5G network, in Airtel this time is only 11.4 percent because users are currently using both 4G and 5G networks, so OpenSignal has used the data to measure coverage. For this, the time spent on the 5G network of the users has been made the basis.

Jio is installing 5G equipment on towers in large quantities. Obviously, due to this, the reach of the 5G network has also increased a lot. On the basis of 1 to 10 points, OpenSignal has given Reliance Jio 4.2 points.

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Whereas Airtel got only 3.4 points. Jio has proved its capability even on technical parameters. Jio’s ‘Core’ scored 84.3% marks in all tests. Airtel got 77.5 percent numbers.

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At the same time, Airtel is seen ahead with 23.9 Mbps speed in 5G upload. Jio’s 5G upload speed has been measured at 18 MBPS. At the same time, the experience of the users of both companies in voice, video, and gaming is almost the same.

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