[Top 5+] Best Headphones Under 5000 INR in India (2023)

A lot of audiophiles were still struggling to know about the best headphones under 5000 INR in India but now their search has been ended successfully because this page understood all the concepts and came up with the best options or headsets out of the rest for them. Basically, headphones is a device that converts electrical energy into sound energy as well as isolate the listener from outer disturbance.

No doubt that the market has thousands of options available in this price range but obviously all of them are not premium ones. So, to give you a clearer vision and make you able to grab the best deal only, we have done in-depth research and judged the headphones with various measures and then found these marvelous headsets.

There are a few features and qualities that make headphones stand out and some of them are their lightweight, expandable headbands, folding ability, cushioned earcups, appealing design, and other powerful features for crystal clear audio. So, what is stopping you now? Read the complete article peacefully and then grab the one that suits you the best.

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Below is a table that is specially designed for you as it has the names and price details of the best headphones under 5000 INR in India which will make you a bit familiar with the basic details of the products. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Best Headphones under 5000

S. No.Headphone’s NameForm FactorPrice Details
1. Boult Audio Anchor Over The EarCheck here
2. Sony WH-CH510ON The EarCheck here
3. JBL Tune 710BTOver The EarCheck here
4. Sennheiser HD 400sOver The EarCheck here
5. JBL Quantum 300Over The EarCheck here
Best headphones under 5000 list

Now after making basic roots strong, it’s high time to know the headphones more closely and decide whether they are spending the money or not. So. let’s catch them up one by one:-

1. Boult Audio Anchor Wireless Headphones

Boult Audio Anchor Wireless Headphones (2)

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It is one of the finest and most awesome headphones in the market. It has a shiny black color which wins everyone’s heart and makes it look classier. It has active noise cancellation which isolates you from the outer world and enhances your mood. Moreover, it makes you free from the trouble of frequent charging and getting discharged in between the use as it has 30 hours of playtime or can be said a good battery life.

Apart from this, it has 40mm drivers which ensure to give powerful and deep bass which is just similar to theater. It has an AUX connection too which makes the headphones able to support low latency mode while gaming so that you can hear even the whispers in the clearest version.

Most importantly, it is so comfortable that you will not feel burdened or feel like you have something around your ears. For more command and control, it also offers voice assistants like Siri and Google so that you can do everything on your tips.

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Its special feature is that it is IPX5 water resistant which gives it the power to defeat sweat and make it more durable. It has Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting it with the wanted device in just a couple of seconds. These headphones weigh just 150 grams and are compatible with every device. This is a completely wireless headphones and also has a microphone to give inputs. Overall, it is a good deal.

2. Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones

Sony WH-CH510 Bluetooth Wireless On Ear Headphones

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Sony is very trustworthy and has goodwill with consumers and the reason behind this is its awesome features. Similarly, these headphones also work ace as it is completely wireless and has a plethora of services. For connecting the headphones to the device effortlessly, it offers Bluetooth v5.0 which is quick and easy to pair. It is also very lightweight and comfortable as it weighs just 132 grams which makes it travel-friendly and portable at the same time.

The earcups are very comfortable and hug the ear tightly which gives it more soundstage and hence results in powerful frequencies. The audio provided by these headphones is balanced, audible, and noise-free. Even after a lot of movement, the headphones don’t move from their place which makes them an idol choice for all sort of activities. If we talk about its playtime, then it works continuously for long hours without any disappointment or obstruction as it has 35 hours of average battery life.

The entire frame is made up of plastic and the range of its operation or working is 10 meters which is quite good. It is a high-quality and top-notch gadget that makes sure to give you the best sound experience as the audio it gives is audible, clear, powerful, balanced, and has a proper frequency. All the controls are available on the earcups so that you can change the volume and channel effortlessly.

3. JBL Tune 710BT Headset

JBL Tune 710BT by Harman Headphone

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JBL is very popular for its sound quality and similarly, these headphones have stylish working and design. It is a wireless gadget that easily gets paired with the primary device through Bluetooth 5.0 which is quick and effective. It has 40 mm drivers which give the audiophiles powerful and deep bass which enhances the mood to the next level.

Not only this, but it also gives undisturbed and long-lasting power as it has 50 hours of playtime or average battery life which you the blessing to use the headphones without any tension of frequent charging. Within just 5 minutes of charge, the user gets 3 hours of playtime which is so quick and fast technology.

Only a few headphones support dual connectivity, and this is one of them so that you can switch between two sources without any hustle and bustle. These headphones are also foldable which makes it travel-friendly. All the options or buttons to control the volume and channels are available on the earcups.

Apart from this, the headphones weigh 220 grams and are not too heavy but not too light as compared to other competitors. It also has voice assistance so that you can get information more easily and effortlessly by just giving voice inputs. Moreover, it also has a bi-directional microphone so that you can talk to others too. Other than that, it has a detachable audio cable too. To make the user feel more safer and secure while using the device, the manufacturers also give one year of warranty for cases of any wear and tear.

4. Sennheiser HD 400s Wired Headphones

Sennheiser HD 400s Wired Over The Ear Headphone

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It is a wired headphones ad recommended by a lot of professionals for proper sync with visuals. The listeners get the best and high-quality audio which uplifts their mood. In the wire of the headphones, you get a convenient control too for keeping command over music and calls. It works best to eliminate the background noise. It has a dark black color which makes it look royal and classy at the same time.

It also has a microphone too which has a unidirectional pick-up pattern and eliminates the hisses so that the receiver gets audible frequencies only. The earcups of these headphones are also designed in such a way that it holds the position rigidly and make sure that there is no space for the sound to escape.

Moreover, the earcups are foldable too which makes it travel-friendly and occupies less space. It weighs 217 grams which is quite heavy as compared to other competitors or options available in this range. There is no tension between charging and getting discharged while using it as it is wired but yes it can drain up the charge of the primary device to which it is connected.

The headphones has a 3.5 mm of jack along with active noise cancellation technology so that you do not get disturbed by the outer world and experience a surreal world. Overall, it is a good option to have your hands on.

5. JBL Quantum 300 Wired Headset

JBL Quantum 300 Wired Over Ear Gaming Headphone with Mic

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This is the last but not the least option available in the list of our best headphones under 5000 INR in India. It is a dark black headphones that look sleek and stylish. It is completely wired which is the best choice for video editors but yes it bounds you to a certain range. Apart from this, it has 50 mm of neodymium drivers which give it powerful bass and top-notch sound quality in terms of pitch, pace, clarity, audacity, and frequencies.

Not only this, but it also has a boom mic attached to it which has a range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz and works best for attending calls and sending audio signals to the receivers. It is compatible with all sorts of devices so there is no tension of pairing. Moreover, it has JBL Quantum Engine PC software which gives the user power to customize the profile and microphone working as well as play with the various factors of sound like pitch, frequency, equalizer, and clarity.

Its unique feature is that it has detachable ear cushions, as well as the headband, is durable and comfortable to use. It weighs 245 grams which are quite good. The length of the cable is 1.5 meters which allows you a wide range of movement. It also has surround sound technology and makes sure that user does not disappoint with their purchase. The ear cups are super soft and feel like wearing cotton or feather. Overall, it is not a deal to miss out.

Conclusion: Best Headphones under 5000

Above you read about the best headsets in the market under this price range. We discussed them thoroughly and made you aware of the facts and features that the headphones offer to its users. Each headset is different and supreme in its own way so choose wisely as per your needs and requirements. In headphones, there are two sub-divisions wired and wireless so also keep your eye on this factor too.

A lot of users who are video editors choose wired one because of the proper sync whereas a lot of gamers choose wireless because it does not limit their movement. So, the buyer must decide as per their work although a lot of high-tech wireless headphones are now defeating the wired ones beautifully. At last, the choice is yours.

Apart from all this, the pro tip suggests choosing the headphones as per your head size as it has a direct impact on performance. Moreover, if you still want more options or advice, or even want to ask any query then write them below without any hesitation so that we can help you out. Thank you for reading, hope we did justice to your expectations.

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