How to Connect 2 Bluetooth Headphones to one Phone

Connecting 2 Bluetooth headphones to one phone simultaneously is very convenient. You can use it for multiple activities (functions) or in different environments, connecting both headphones to your phone can be more convenient than having to switch between them.

Sometimes we love to watch movies and share music with our friends we have to share one side headset pair with another person because of that we can’t enjoy the full potential of that movie or song experience. Connect 2 Bluetooth Headphones to one Phone to get the full experience.

How to Connect 2 Bluetooth Headphones to one Phone

Most phones only support connecting to 1 Bluetooth headphones device at the same time. But, there are some other ways to connect 2 Bluetooth headphones to one phone simultaneously:-

Bluetooth Headphone Splitter:- If your smartphone does not support dual pairing worry not you can use a Bluetooth splitter tool that allows you to connect two headphones at the same time. You can get this on e-commerce sites and it is available at very compact.

Third-party app: You can also use a third party for dual pairing. These apps create a virtual connection between your mobile phone and the headphones and after that split the audio signal between 2 devices. But it has a drawback the audio you will get from this virtual connection is not as great as the Bluetooth splitter. and not all apps work with all phones.

Bluetooth transmitter: You can also use Bluetooth transmitter to connect your smartphone to two Bluetooth headphones at a time. How it will work? You have to just connect a Bluetooth transmitter to your phone and after that connect 2 Bluetooth headphones to the transmitter. After connecting all devices, the transmitter will then broadcast audio to both headphones.

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