How to Connect a USB headset to an Android Phone?

Sometimes earbuds and earphones do not give exciting sound while playing games or watching movies USB headsets are specially designed for the great experience of sound. A USB headset is a combination of headphones and an attached microphone that can be connected to computers and phones with the help of a USB port/ connector or on-the-go (OTG) cables.

In the case of Android phones OTG cable is required that connects the USB headset to micro-USB or USB-C Best advantage of USB is plug-and-play capability but in phones, the headset microphone does not appear to work it becomes disabled while used in Android.

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On-the-go (OTG) cables come in all types of different sizes and shapes depending on your need but their features and work remain the same to connect USB devices with micro-USB or USB-C ports.

Benefits of OTG cable –

  • OTG cable not only allows the headset but is also capable of connecting the keyboard and mouse to the mobile phone.
  • Transfer photos directly from the camera to the Android phones.
  • It also helps in copying information from one device to another.

Process of connecting a USB headset to an Android phone with the help of an OTG cable:-

  • Identify the port in your Android phone whether it is USB- C or micro USB
  • Buy an OTG cable according to your needs and phone port
  • Plug the cable into your USB headset and phone
  • Test the outcome

As a result, the area of concern comes with the microphone in the USB headset which does not appear to work on Android phones. So you can only use it as headphones throughout the time it is plugged into your phone

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