If you are seeing these 5 signs on your mobile, it means that your phone has been hacked.

In the digital world, from clicking photos to making payments, we do everything from our smartphones. In such a situation, during the use of online banking and social media, there is a big danger regarding hacking and data leaks. It is easier for hackers to hack a smartphone than a computer.

According to much research and Apple’s claim, more security is available with Apple’s iOS than Android, but this does not mean that iPhone cannot be hacked.

However, hacking an Android phone is easy. If you are also seeing these five signs on your phone, then there is a high possibility of your phone getting hacked. Today we will tell you some signs with the help of which you will be able to easily find out whether your phone is hacked or not. Along with this, we will also tell you the methods of prevention.

Automatic system restart and Shutdown

There is also a sign of a phone hack that if your system is continuously shutting down or restarting automatically, then you should understand that your system is in the hands of hackers.

Apart from this, if you feel that the settings of your phone and computer have changed automatically, then be careful. This means that hackers have gained access to your system. Check the downloaded file immediately or it is best to format the phone immediately.

Banking transaction

The biggest sign of a phone being hacked is that you start getting transaction messages. Many times it happens that you start getting messages of purchases and transactions of those products which you have not bought.

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This means that someone has got hold of your credit or debit card or banking details. If this happens, immediately take the help of the bank and get the transaction closed from the account.

Suddenly slowing down the phone

If your smartphone is suddenly running too slow, then be careful. Many times hackers use your system for mining bitcoins.

Apart from this, even after the internet speed is good, if the video is running slow on the phone or your data is being used excessively, then there is a need to be careful.

Antivirus shutdown

Hackers sometimes turn off anti-virus and security software to hack the phone. If you have any doubt that your anti-virus is not working then there is a need to be alert. Apart from this, always keep checking your browser, because it may also happen that you have an extension in your browser and it is spying on you.

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Many times some extensions or software come into the system through a website and through these hackers can reach you. To avoid such a situation, keep updating the phone’s app continuously.

The battery running out fast

If your phone’s battery is suddenly draining quickly. Even then you need to be careful. This is because hackers have put any malware in your phone, then it works in the background on the phone. And drains the battery faster. If this is happening to you too then you need to be alert.

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